Residential Services

Let us help you build new, upgrade your existing or add the latest technology to your home.

Electricity is essential. When electrical problems occur in the home, it can be frustrating, stressful and sometimes even frightening. Whether you are dealing with a repair issue, need an upgrade or you’re looking to build something brand new, KB Electric is the company you can trust.

We offer residential electrical services to meet your every need. Whether you’re dealing with a wiring issue or need a complete power upgrade, our experienced and knowledgeable team will deliver quality work and the best results. When you trust us with your project, you can count on us to deliver an efficient, durable and modern project.

Our experienced journeymen have all completed a rigorous certified apprentice program and are trained to provide every service with your safety and their own in mind. We invest time and money in proper safety techniques, equipment, tools and materials in order to ensure the results of our work will be safe from start to finish.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your issue or project needs and we’ll create a free estimate. Call 219-872-4639 or email us at to get started.


Make sure you have plenty of outlets, ample lighting and your home is ready for all the modern technology and electronics. We follow form and function right down to the last detail—giving you efficient, safe and quality home wiring you can count on.


Today's technology is often too much for outdated electrical circuits. If your house is still working with fuses or your circuit breakers keep tripping, we can install a more robust system, with a new circuit breaker panel and overload protection.


Beauty and function combine when planning the lighting in your home. We can install, repair or upgrade the lighting in your entire home, including recessed lighting, timers, dimmers, security and motion lights, GFI devices and a variety of fans.


Whether it's decorative garden lighting, a hot tub hookup, increased security system, or underground wiring, we can take care of all of your outdoor electrical needs. This includes repairs, installing the best upgrades or creating something new.


It's important to have an experienced electrician help with rewiring and installation on your home remodeling projects, including making recommendations to upgrade and improve the current electrical experience in your home to ensure everything is up to code.


Back-up power can be the only way to provide food, convenience and safety during a power outage. We can help integrate your new back-up system with your primary home panel in order to provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.


In order to provide a quality elecrical experience, a modern home should have properly functioning internet and cable. From your computer, to your TV, to your smartphone wifi, we can help improve the cabling that powers the technology in your home.


Power outages, downed power lines, and faulty wiring can all cause surges. Between storms, natural disasters and ever-changing technology, surge protection is a wise investment. If you haven’t installed a surge protection system yet, now is the time.

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