New Construction Electrical

New Construction Electrical for Residents

If you are in the beginning stages of planning to build your future home, one of the most important steps is to find a trusted electrician to wire your new build. When you choose KB Electric for your new construction, you will be confident that your wiring will be efficient, safe and functional. Having experienced electricians on site is not only important, but they are mandatory to meet state and city requirements. Our skilled electricians are ready to come in and guarantee your home will be up to code, all while meeting the homeowners electrical expectations. 

Since 1988, KB Electric has served residential home builders with pre-wire electrical work.

At KB Electric, our electricians are on site from start to finish. There is not a job we have completed without ensuring excellence. For new construction projects, our electricians will prepare your home to be organized to handle all the modern technology and electronics that may be implemented.

Process Of New Construction Electrical Work

Before the drywall is installed in a new construction, but after the framework is up, this is the prime time for our electricians to come in and begin the process of the installation. This first stage is all about the circuit wiring between the wall studs and electrical box. This is also the part where exhaust fans and lights can be added. For more advanced entertainment systems, KB Electric electricians would begin the wiring. 

Before any drywall or sheetrock is installed over the wiring, an inspector will come in and verify the work we completed is up to code. With KB Electric, you never have to worry about our team skipping steps or rushing through tasks.

After this phase, you move into the final projects. Installation and wiring of light switchboards, exterior electrical lighting and even HVAC. Once this is all complete, our team will do a walkthrough and guarantee the setup is successful. All the electricity will work properly before the homeowner moves in, KB can guarantee it.

Safety, Success & Skill

With every job we perform, we strive for excellence. We know homeowners and builders want to avoid any hiccups and so do we. That is why we are committed to reaching deadlines and staying on budget. There is not an obstacle that we can’t manage. Our electricians have years of experience to take an obstacle and resolve it swiftly, all while maintaining time and budget for the client.

Some of the services we provide repairs and installation of include:

KB Electric can be of assistance in any appliance that requires electricity during a new construction installation.